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Lesson Policies

Lessons are one hour.  (For students under 10 years old, half-hour lessons are available as an option.)
Payment for the month's lessons is due at the first lesson of each month.
At the first lesson of each month, let us know if are going to be out of town for any of your regularly scheduled lessons.
Lessons missed due to illness or a conflict in the student's schedule may be made up at a mutually convenient time - but must be made up during the month, or are forfeited.

Parents are welcome to attend lessons at any time. You can attend occasionally or regularly, part or all.

We can help you find a suitable instrument, usually of better quality and at lower cost than the ones available at the  local music stores.  We have several instruments available which you can rent while you are looking for an instrument to buy.

If you have questions about our lesson policies, call us at 323-0600 or email us your question.